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In recognition of our discipline and all round development of students particularly in the field of academics and cultural life in hostel, students come from different places in India viz Darjling, Kalimpong, Siliguri, Calcutta, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and all over Punjab. Activities like Freshers' Nite, Inter-hostel quiz, In-house discussions, talent hunt, personality development seminars, yoga camps etc are organized in no less number. To add a flavour, Diwali, Lohri, New Year, Independence Day Celebrations are also held every year, which are instant hit with the residents.

Our college has earned glorious achievements in constructing a flyover, connecting the two buildings of the college, which previously stood separated. The construction of a spacious, modern, well furnished cafeteria and shopping complex have been built in the latest style, which is unique in the whole of the district, to meet the day-to-day needs of the resident students and the day scholars. There is also a provision of STD Booth, Boutique, Dry Cleaner, Photographer, Juice Bar, Cyber Cafe, Book Shop, Provisional Shop, and Photostat & Beauty Care Centre in the College Campus. Libraries serve as the backbone to all academic activities. The college has well equipped Library housed in a newly Constructed three-storeyed building. It remains open for the resident students up to 11:00 pm. It offers a fusion of environment, resources and support to maximize the quality of the student & teacher experience.

The college also has excellent facilities for teaching various Home Crafts items for resident students such as Flower Decoration, Cooking, Stitching, Embroidery and various Handicrafts. The centre runs six-month/one-year courses in tailoring, embroidery, interior decoration, cooking, cosmetology and crafts like candle making, flower making, doll making, painting, oil painting, fabric painting, batik painting and water painting. About 400 resident students have already been trained.

The college hostel is unique in having a fully Air-Conditioned newly constructed, spacious and well furnished Hall which provides a platform to young students to exchange views, share ideas, and present their papers on contemporary Social, Political, Economic, Scientific, Literary and Cultural issues. The hall has a seating capacity for 300 persons. There is also a provision of good quality sound & recording system.

The College hostel has a newly constructed, artistically designed, spacious common room with a seating capacity of more than 400 students. The Common Room also provides the facility of indoor games such as chess, a provision of Newspapers and a Television for their entertainment. The students can make use of the common room in their free periods. The College has one separate well furnished, aesthetically designed Air Conditioned Guest House for the parents, guardians of the resident students and other guests who come to visit the college/Hostel. The College hostel has a very spacious playground with the facility of games like Handball, Football, Badminton, Volleyball, Kho-kho, Basketball and Kabaddi. The hostel has a Gymnasium Hall in which indoor games viz. Table Tennis and Badminton are played. Besides that various multi purpose weighing machines have also been installed in it.

The verdant charm sprinkled by plants and flowers gives a touch of tranquillity and serenity to the onlookers. The Hostel Campus' landscape with three lush green lawns adds to the ambience of the institution. Also, the vast tracks of natural landscape on the premises are ideal for a stroll, a walk or a jog.

The College has in its premises the State Bank of India Branch along with an ATM centre to facilitate the hostel students. The facilities like library. laboratory, computers, shopping complex, Auditorium Hall, AC Parents Laugh, Mini Home Theater (AC), STD, language lab. classrooms, canteen are fully utilized by the resident students.

General Rules and regulations for girl's hostel

1.The Principal/Members of the Hostel Committee inspect the hostel regularly.

2.Allotment of the rooms is done by the Warden in consultation with the Principal.

3.A boarder may be asked to leave the hostel if her hostel fees are in arrears for more than a month.

4.A boarder may be expelled from the hostel if she stays away from the hostel without permission or is negligent in studies or is found guilty of misconduct.

5.Boarders absent due to leave from the College shall have their seats reserved for them for a period not exceeding one month on payment of full fees for the period of absence.

6.Lights shall remain switched off from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. for late night studies, special permission has to be obtained from the Principal/Warden.

7.Lights must be switched off when not in use. Students found keeping lights on during their absence from the room will be fined for their negligence.

8.The use of any kind of electric appliance like Heaters, Rod, Iron or stove etc. is not allowed in the hostel. Disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.

9.All reports of theft etc if any, should be made to the Warden immediately. The residents are advised to keep their belongings locked up. They will not keep expensive jewellery or cash exceeding Rs. 100/- with them.

10.All complaints against rowdy students should be made to the Warden. No student is allowed to take law into their own hands.

11.Boarders shall not pluck flowers or leaves of plants. They should avoid spitting at all odd places. Walls, doors and furniture should not be defaced with pencil and ink marks or scribbling.

12.Shouting, hooting, violent knocking or any other act, movements or behavior that is likely to cause disturbance is strictly prohibited. There shall be no loud discussion or chatting in the verandahs at any hour of day or night. No student is allowed to whistle as whistling by girls is not lady-like.

13. Removal of electric holders, electric bulbs and ropes of charpoys from the room is punishable with a heavy fine. Residents are not to tamper with the electric and sanitary installations. The cost of repairs or any damage done to them will be realised from the students, in addition to a fine for negligence.

14. An order of the Principal or the Warden conveyed through the peon shall be immediately obeyed.

Withdrawal From Hostel

1.Application for withdrawal from the hostel should be submitted to the Principal through the warden on the prescribed form duly endorsed by the Father/Guardian.Until a boarder has withdrawn her name formally, she shall have to pay-hostel fees and fines even though she may have vacated her room. No boarder shall leave the hostel without clearing all hostel dues and personally handing over the charge of the hostel articles issued to her.

2.After the University Examinations, no student will be allowed to stay in the college Hostel, during the Summer Vacation.

  • No hosteller shall permit any Male guest in their room; the other visitors or guests are permitted only during daytime up to the visitors lounge inside the hostel (only to meet their wards) carrying visitor cards / combined authority application with the permission of their respective wardens.
  • The visit of brothers to the girls Hostel is prohibited.
  • Visitors are not permitted in the common areas of the hostels like Gym, TV lounge, indoor games area, Bathroom, Toilet etc., Any visitor found inside the hostels shall be sent out by the security and the hostelite permitting such unauthorized guest will be penalized.
  • The parents/guardian (female) or any family member of a hosteller may be permitted by the Warden in the rooms of the hostelite, when request is made in advance by the concerned hostelite. Security shall make a note of such entries in the register provided for the said purpose.
  • The Hostel section reserves the right to evict any resident who does not comply with the rules and regulations of the hostel.
Mess Rules and Regulations

Dining in the hostel mess (meals) is compulsory for all hostellers. Individual cooking or taking meals outside the hostel is not permitted. Hostellers shall keep to the hours set for the meals.

Mess Timings:

Students should strictly adhere to these timings:

  • Break fast 6.30 AM to 9.00 AM
  • Lunch 12.30 PM to 3:00 PM
  • Tea 4.00 PM to 4.30 PM
  • Dinner 7.00 PM to 9.00 PM
The following rules are subject to change with the consent of the Hostel Authorities.
  • Meals will not be served to the rooms of the hostlers, only sick residents may be allowed by the Warden/Mess Incharge to have light meals in their rooms.
  • Under no circumstances, members are allowed to take Mess utensils of the Hostel Mess to their rooms/lawns outside.
  • Students are expected to maintain perfect discipline and order in the Dining Halls during dining hours.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the kitchen and help themselves.
  • The Hostel and Mess Committee will not frame rules for reduction of mess charges for the days of absence of diners from time to time.
  • If the Mess dues are not cleared before the end of the month when they fall due, the defaulting students will not be allowed to dine in the mess. Students whose dues remain unpaid for a long period, a penalty will be imposed for the delayed period.
  • No student shall waste food. Paying mess bill does not entitle a student to waste food.
  • After eating food, students shall leave the utensils, waste food etc. in the designated bins.
  • Dress code must be adhered to strictly as per the rules of the college.
  • Students are not allowed not offer tip/payment to the mess workers or Hostel Staff.
  • Special Food will be served on Festive Days.
The guest rates will be as follows:
Breakfast: Rs.20.00
Lunch:      Rs.40.00
Dinner:    Rs.40.00
  • A warden will be in the charge of each hostel, which will be duly assisted by the Principal, The Principal will be final authority for the proper management of the hostel and observance of discipline-related rules.
  • The students should follow the instructions issued by the hostel authorities and college administration.
  • The hostellers are expected to behave politely with fellow students, supporting staff and hostel authorities and show highest decency in all their activities.
  • Hostlers must carry ID Card – Security proof and show it when required.
  • Students residing in the hostel shall not engage themselves in undesirable activities such as ragging and forming groups that may disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the hostel.
  • Students are not permitted to convene meeting of any sort anywhere in the hostel or its premises without the Warden’s permission
  • No student shall give a party of entertainment in the hostel without the previous permission of the Warden.
  • The Common Room/ TV Room of the hostel will be kept open usually between 6:00 AM and 7:30 AM and between 7 PM and 9 PM every day unless decided otherwise by the wardens for special reasons.
  • Uses of Mobile phones are strictly prohibited.
  • The time between 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM and 9.00 P.M. to 11.00 P.M. are exclusively meant for study.
  • Shouting, reading aloud and other similar acts, which are likely to disturb other residents, should not be indulged at any point of time.
  • The hostellers should keep their rooms neat and tidy. They should make the room available for periodic inspections by the concerned authorities.
  • Hostellers should not keep valuable and costly items in their rooms. They shall take due care of their belongings and deposit money in the bank.
  • Hostellers are required to make their rooms available for repair, maintenance, and inspection by Warden whenever necessary.
  • The use of unauthorized electrical appliances etc., is strictly prohibited.
  • All the hostellers are responsible for maintaining the hostel equipment issued to them and returning them in good condition at the time of leaving the hostel. The student will have to pay for any loss or damage. No student is allowed to remove any equipment from the hostel.
  • In case of sickness, hostellers will consult the Medical Officer, or inform the hostel warden in case of emergency.
  • Students should cooperate with their nominated president / head girls / other in-charge for their social well-being.
  • The students are encouraged to discuss their problems with their warden as their mentor.
  • The hostel office will inform the parents/guardian about the hostel dues if the student fails to pay in time. However, it is the responsibility of the student to clear the dues in time.
  • Dress code must be adhered to strictly as per the rules of the college.
  • Discipline is important. Self-discipline is preferred, indiscipline in any form by a student shall strictly be dealt with by the college authorities.
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