BA (Honours)

1.Honours in English
2.Honours in Hindi
3.Honours in Punjabi
4.Honours in History
5.Honours in Economics
6.Honours in E-Commerce

For many students, intensive study on specialized topics at the honours level makes a lot of career sense. Leaving behind the broad coverage of a pass course, students enjoy a highly focused and concentrated course of study structured around four papers, two each in second and third year of their regular course.

Program Details



Minimum Eligibility

A candidate may offer Honours in any one of the elective subjects taken up by her provided she has obtained at least 50% marks in the subject concerned in B.A. 1 semester as well as B.A.III semester examination.

(i) An additional fee as prescribed by the university shall be paid by the candidate for Honours papers respectively at each of the part II and part III examination.
(ii) A candidate taking a subject which includes a practical exam shall pay an additional fee as prescribed by the university.

No.Of Seats



4 Semesters (Two Years)

Admission Criteria

Merit Basis

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