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The evolution of DSCW is nothing short of a historic journey with great milestones of distinction. The Path of success which was carved years ago has now got bejeweled with glorious landmarks where it swerves towards excellence in every possible manner.

Dr. Madhu Prashar, the present Principal of DSCW is another milestone in the history of Dev Samaj College for Women that cannot go without a mention. The enormous responsibility and the fate of one of India's oldest institutions - a pioneer in Women Education had been rested upon her able shoulders on 16th November 1992. It proved to be an unforgettable historical day which will go down in the history of college as a memorable landmark. While taking on the charge as a Principal, Dr.(Mrs.) Madhu Prashar had a vision to carry forward the traditions and set standards by her mettle and take the college to the heights of becoming a World Class "Centre of Excellence" for its value based qualitative education. When she joined in, the college was a crumbly building with few courses to offer and even fewer students to attend them.

Dr. Madhu Prashar made Dev Samaj and its motto and motive the aim of her life - tireless, endless efforts, days and days of travelling, meeting people, forwarding her proposals, seeking collaboration, seeking grants; with an undying spirit each day, when the body gives up but the will and spirit fuels you. She set out to be the part of a reform movement which would not only uplift DSCW but would touch the surrounding areas near and far. Not only that, this movement was set to transform the face of education in a revolutionary manner for women. The evolution from then to now, the transcendence is evident in the glorious last 24 years of her administration. The metamorphosis is humongous. From the building of the college to the introduction of new innovative courses; from soaring admissions under her leadership to brilliant alumnae holding key positions as I.A.S, P.C.S, Recognized Educationists, Leaders etc.; she has been there and done that.

Dr. Madhu Prashar is the sole inspiration and mega mind behind the enormous wave of change - getting the status of NAAC re-reaccredited 'A' Grade for the College, to getting "Potential for Excellence" award by the UGC, to the establishment of a state of art building, leading to highly modern digital labs and other technological facilities - everything rare and wanting for a border area town of Ferozepur - she transformed Dev Samaj into an educational haven. This was not only for the people of Ferozepur but also for those far and away, India and abroad, who come here to study due to the exquisite quality of education being imparted. She has taken upon her will to try and educate girls and women as a revolution for women emancipation for which she stands and lives for. Ex-Chief Minister Punjab S. Harcharan Singh Brar admired her highly in the visitor's book saying, "The name of Dr. Madhu Prashar will, undoubtedly, go down in the history of Dev Samaj as an architect of this college. She has beaten all the colleges hollow. Thanks to her work, she ceased to be an individual and became an institution, a living legend held in high esteem by the intelligentsia of India."

I heartily congratulate the most committed faculty members (teaching and non-teaching) who with utmost sincerity support Dr. Madhu Prashar in all her pursuits to climb the new peaks of excellent glory and scintillating success.

Nirmal Singh Dhillon
Secretary Dev Samaj
Chairman, DSCW

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