Our college has formed a Community Development Centre which undertakes an extension work in the area of gender equality, economic self reliance of women, girl education, population issue, issue of human rights, social exploitation, sexual harassment, female foeticide etc. with an objective to reduce gender imbalance. The students alongwith teachers go to slum cluster areas and educate the residents about prevention of diseases, importance of hygiene immunization, through health camps or Leper’s Home and Orphanage. Students have a free interaction with these under privileged persons, and, as a token of love, distribute clothes, fruits and other necessary articles to them.

The community development Centre of the college has to its credit the following events organized during the session.

20 August, 2013 The community development organized a Tree Plantation was organized in the College in which 15 planted saplings of shady trees in the College. The Plants are healthy and thriving.

28 August, 2012 A visit to Mother Teresa Home was organized. The Community Development Cell distributed eatables and clothes to kids and women and time was spent with T.B. patients.

10 September, 2012 An event was held where fodder was fed to cows in the local Gaushala by Community Development Cell.

23 to 29 December, 2012 Community Development Cell organized a seven day camp. In this camp a total number of 70 participated. During the camp our cell visited Leper's Home, Gau Shala, Blind Home, Border, Slum Area and Bajidpur Sahib. The camp proved to be an enriching experience for the students.

4 February, 2013 A Blood Donation Camp was organized at the college premises. Around 60 units of blood were donated by the staff and students of our college.

23 February, 2013 An Environment Education Fair was organized by the Community Development Cell – an initiative towards Environmental Health and Well Being.

The Community Development Cell also visited local schools and interacted with young children. They spoke to them about personal hygiene, importance of regular studies and encouraged them to dream high.These activities are expected to contribute not only to social awareness and change but also to academic development. For this our college is also planning to establish cells for women studies in collaboration with UGC.

Home Craft Department has been set up to enable the students to earn/supplement their income and to promote women empowerment. The center runs six month/one year courses in Tailoring, embroidery, interior decoration, cooking, cosmetology, crafts like candle making, flower making, doll making, oil painting, fabric painting, batik painting, water painting. The department also gives free admission to poor and needy women.

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