Department of History

Bhagwan Dev Atma, being Gandhian in his world view and willing to work for community and nation without through for personal gain, started this college in 1934. At that time History was one of the few subjects chosen for this college. Under the headship of renowned historians e.g. professor Hari Ram Gupta, S. P. Sabharwal, Dr Satya Joshi, this department touched new horizons. In 1969 post graduate classes were also started. From the very beginning the department of history is working to promote an inclusive university climate and act as an educational resource that prepares student to succeed in ever-changing society. The History department has come quite a long way from its origins in only offering classes to offers a unique combination of individual attention, broad faculty specialization and helping to improve quality of life for individuals and societies through our work in education and social research.

Dr. Pooja Prashar PhD,
M.A. (Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology),
HOD / Modern and Ancient Indian History 10 years
Mrs. KANCHAN Narang M.A. Modern Indian History 18 years
Mrs. Suman Khanna M.A., M.Phil History of Punjab 10 years
Mrs. Ramandeep Kaur M.A., M.Phil History of Punjab 2 years
Mrs. Prabhjot Kaur M.A. History of Punjab 1year
  • Department has a state of classroom and wide collection of 3092 Titles.
  • Eleven magazines and journals are subscribed.
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) is of great help for the students and teachers.

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