The Great Architects of DSCW
A Great Bhikshu In Education-Late Principal P.V. KANAL JI (Revered Baba Ji)

Sh.P.V. Kanal was one of the master architects of college education in the pre-partition Punjab. He has been one of the most dynamic forces that pioneered women's education in Punjab. He was to Dev Samaj what Mahatma Hansraj was to Arya Samaj, in working out inch by inch the magnificent structure of university education. With his selfless efforts, the College took great strides of progress and became a famous institution. He inspired the early youthful workers, to serve, to sacrifice and to lead a higher moral existence. All this made the College atmosphere surcharged with moral values and no wonder, its fragrance soon began to spread. Thousands of girls have been helped to stand on their feet through this institution.

An Intellectual Giant - Late Principal DHARM BIR JI

When in 1954, revered Principal P.V. Kanal Ji passed away, Principal Dharmbir came up to shoulder the heavy responsibilities. Although it appeared difficult to fill in the void created by the departure of the great dynamic and magnetic force --the Rishi-like respected Baba Ji-- yet Shri Vir Ji's benign presence, and wise and zealous management did not allow anyone to feel the change. Revered Dharmbir Ji was a committed altruist. He joined educational service in college as an opportunity, to put it in his own words, “to serve the youth who are wealth of the country.” He thought he could make the best use of his aptitude and abilities in the services of fellow human beings by teaching in a college. He has, thus, left behind many such memories which make us bow to him with deep feelings of gratitude and respect.

A Life Consecrated To The Service Of Dev Samaj - SHRIMAN NIRMAL SINGH JI Chairman, DSCW (Secretary, Dev Samaj)

Shriman Nirmal Singh Ji, our Chairman is indubitably a man of mammoth prowess and enormous ebullience. His unshakable faith in Dev Dharam has bestowed him with tremendous potentialities. With his visionary farsightedness, he is constantly engrossed in making stupendous endeavours to disseminate woman education. He was the one who saw through the latent calibre of Dr. (Mrs.) Madhu Prashar and reposed his unflinching faith in her. The result of his sagacious decision and meticulous choice is evident in the present progress and covetous status of DSCW, Ferozepur. It is indeed a matter of exuberance that DSCW will take more gigantic leaps under his subtly discerning eye and immensely prudent mind. With his administrative acumen and dramatic dexterity our revered Shriman Ji, in tandem with our most illustrious and astonishingly outstanding principal Dr. (Mrs.) Madhu Prashar is paving new un-trodden paths for eve education.

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