Giving a shape to the vision of Dr. (Mrs.) Madhu Prashar, Grievance Redressal Committee, consisting of six members, continued to function in full form during the session 2012-13. A teacher not only teaches but also shows the right path. Following this dictum, the purpose of the formation of the committee is to help the students at educational, psychological, medical, financial and personal level.

Through the introduction of the Committee in the College Prospectus or during orientation, the students became aware of the Committee members right in the beginning of the session. The phone numbers of the committee members are circulated among the students so they can access them any time. The members have meeting with the students at regular intervals. Their problems are paid heed to and solved. If some complex problem arises, the Committee contacts the Principal who with her wisdom and experience has always been there to show the right path.

Students, most of them in their teens, are at a crucial stage with many confusions and complexes. Their utmost need is moral and psychological support. At times their friends and parents are not able to provide them help because they hesitate to share information that they may find embarrassing. At that time our concern, affection and education makes them comfortable in coming to us for the solution of their problems. They are given a very patient hearing. Most of the time their problems are solved immediately and some times we have to remain in touch with the students in problem.

The committee also solves the financial problems of the students. Funds are raised to help the needy students. Books are made available to them both from the library and the old students. Students are provided with fee concessions. Following the tradition of Dev Samaj, our mission is not only imparting education but also the character building of our students and the over all personality development of our youth. Through this committee, a platform is made available to the students to give full vent to their feelings and thoughts.

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