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The greatest legacy that DSCW has inherited from its rich past is its true heritage seeped into the ethos of truth, beauty and goodness, which the college aspires to pass down to its future generations. In the realm of higher education, there is an abundance of valuable heritage with the great temples of education which has safe guarded the cultural treasure of our nation. With a very precious inheritance of 83 years, Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur City, established in 1934 by Bhagwan Dev Atma, Founder Dev Samaj, is highly proud of being the first educational institute for the women of the Ferozepur District. The establishment of this temple of learning reflects the commitment of our founder to lend a concrete shape to women education and empowerment. The college has been shaping the destiny of the nation, the society and the women since its inception. The diverse contributions of DSCW range from academics to social and cultural upbringing of its students. .

The very idea of DSCW is the idea of women liberation. Therefore, the college is not less than a sanctified shrine of women emancipation. The history of the college is replete with the doughty women who stood the test of the time and walked shoulder to shoulder with men in this patriarchal society. The college is not a mere structure built up of bricks and stones but is the saga of the countless contributions of numerous reformers who sacrificed their brilliant professions and careers and put in every ounce of energy to build DSCW brick by brick by cementing the unity and tradition of this institution and dedicated their lives to the holy mission of their Master to bring about social, moral and spiritual upliftment of humanity. They have become a part of our heritage and their foot prints will remain on the campus of DSCW till eternity. The very ambiance of DSCW breaths out the fragrance of their selfless scarifies, deep devotions and the concepts of value based liberal education.

Founded in 1934 by Dev Samaj Society, the crusader of women education, DSCW it is an institution which was started as a result of the renaissance that India witnessed towards the end of the 19th century. A glimpse at its glorious past takes us more than eighty three years back. Those were the times when degeneration of the society was in full swing. During the British rule, the country was also reeling under the burden of an orthodox, retrogressive society, where women were the targets of infinite atrocities like Sati Pratha, Child Marriages, Purdah System and education, for them, was totally tabooed. The women, emancipated and educated, fully disappeared under the shroud of pseudo-social values and baseless norms.

Bhagwan Dev Atma, Founder Dev Samaj came to the forefront with a missionary zeal and pledged to uplift women from the quagmire of the conservative society and lend dignity, respect and equal respect to them. A great visionary and social reformer, Bhagwan Dev Atma galvanized into action with the colossal commitment of transforming society with the view to usher in an equitable world of opportunities particularly for the women. He wanted to pullout the women from the quagmire of orthodoxy and conservatism and endow dignity, respect and equal status upon them. As a great visionary and dedicated social reformer, Bhagwan Dev Atma was rightfully of the opinion that education of women could be the only remedy against the social atrocities and tyrannies perpetrated upon women. Therefore, he waged a crusade against the prevalent notion of the male dominance and fought with his full might and mane to educate women who were otherwise relegated callously to the corner. To accomplish this objective, he established the first institutions exclusive for girls in Lahore in 1886. In continuation to that Dev Samaj Society opened 22 educational institutions in Northern India only to promote women education.

DSCW is enriched by four generations of educated alumnae who are spread worldwide and have been rendering distinguished service in high profile positions of authority as IAS officers, doctors, engineers, musicians, solicitors, chartered accountants, media professionals, researchers, technocrats and educationists. It has the honour of having produced in those early days, First Hindu Lady B.A.B.T., First Lady M.B.B.S. in the undivided Punjab, the brilliant scholar Miss. Dev Priya Bali, First M.B.B.S. rising to the prestigious position of the Principal of Lady Harding Medical College, New Delhi as well as becoming Inspector General of Hospitals, (U.P.); Miss. Sushila Arora the First lady to become Ist class Magistrate at Jalandhar; Miss. Prem Sikhar and Miss. Santosh Madhoke - First Income Tax Officers at Bombay and Delhi, respectively, Mrs. Sarla Grewal - the First lady IAS officer. Not only was Mrs. Grewal the First Lady Deputy Commissioner in Shimla in 1956, in 1985, she also rose to become the Principal Secretary to the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi and later on, became the Governor of Madhya Pradesh. She was also associated with important world forums like WHO and UNICEF. She was the First Woman President of the Tribune Trust (2000).

Dev Samaj is justly proud of producing such outstanding alumni as the great citizen of India. Apart from this, the worthy mother of former Vice President of India Sh. Krishan Kant; the worthy sister and relatives of former Chief Minister of Punjab, S. Beant Singh; sisters and relatives of Cabinet Minister, Hon'ble Sh. Balram Jakhar; mother and sisters of Hon'ble Jagmeet Brar; the worthy wife and sister of Sh. B.K.N.Chibber; Former Governor of Punjab and the sisters and relatives of S. Parkash Singh Badal, Chief Minister of Punjab are the distinguished alumnae of this institution. Apart from this, many other alumnae of this college are graciously holding top positions in Judiciary, Medicine, Academics and other spheres of society not only in India but abroad also.

Thus DSCW has created a stamp in the educational field in Northern India in the field of women education. It is not only an institution unparalleled excellence but also the firm sentinel of our priceless antiquity that has imparted distinctive steadiness to our invaluable culture, moral and intellectual heritage. It has set benchmarks for other to bring exemplary change in the education system and like torchbearers lead it towards a brighter future.

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