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Department of Philosophy is one of the oldest departments of the college. It offers Under-graduate course in Philosophy as prescribed by Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Courses Offered
a) BA I Year
Paper-I Elements of Philosophy

The aim of this paper is to familiarize the students with the subject, its branches, problems and methods. The contents of this paper provide the students with a wider canvas about tackling day to day problems from a larger perspective.


This paper aims at a systematic study of the science of logic which is the most effective means of developing logical abstract thinking in us. It tries to provide students with a mastery of logic so that they can think in clearer terms and be less prone to error.

b) BA II Year
Paper I Indian Ethics

This Paper highlights the ethical philosophies propounded in the different Indian Philosophical Systems. It exposes the students to the main tenets of Buddhism, Sikhism, Gandhism, Gita and Vedic culture.

Paper II Western ethics

This paper gives an insight into the nature of Ethics, moral notions and basic moral theories as propounded by Western Ethical Philosophers. This paper also deals with problems of applied ethics.

c) BA III Year
Paper I Indian Epistemology and Metaphysics.

The paper discusses the main epistemological and metaphysical issues as discussed in the various Indian Philosophical systems.

Paper II Western Epistemology and Metaphysics.

This paper aims at exposing the students to main epistemological and metaphysical theories and problems of western philosophy. It also deals with basic themes of existentialism, logical positivism and analytical philosophy.

Dr.Mrs.Madhu Prashar Principal M.Phil (Gold Medalist),Ph.D
Dr.Ambuj Sharma Assistant Professor & Head M.A (Gold Medalist),Ph.D
The Department has a furnished room with internet-computer facility. The students of the Department are encouraged to spend time in the college library which has a good number of books to cater their knowledge and prescribed syllabus of the subject. They are also encouraged to consult newspapers, journals and magazines like EPW for preparation of their seminar presentations and discussions. The students of the Department have also accesses to the Computer Department internet labs where they are encouraged to read and work on computer so that they may keep themselves updated with current works in philosophy and beyond.The College Seminar hall is well equipped with the LCD Computer Projector. The faculty and students make use of ICT presentation both for teaching, seminar and paper presentations.
There are two very active discussion forums of the Department, the Philosophical Society and the Critique Ferozepur Chapter. Both are contributing and creating great interest among students of the department and beyond to engage in issues that concerns larger goals of education and pedagogy.
PHILOSOPHY SOCIETY: A students Discussion forum
PURPOSE AND GOALS: Through discussions and readings students will understand the importance of dialogue which will inculcate a sense responsibility, critical thinking about the concepts they come across in everyday life, develop the ability to read, listen, speak and write clearly, effectively and critically about the issues.
A voice within the Democratic set up of our society raising issues which strengthen democracy, communal harmony and work to build a society where there is equality in real sense.
Philosophical Society has created a Web Blog- Page that is:-
In this page one can see the current proceedings of the seminars organized by the society.
Under the capable guidance of Dr. (Mrs.) Madhu Prashar and the efforts of Mr. Ambuj sharma the philosophical Society of the college is working for the last ten years (since July 2002). It has so far organized more than 100 students seminars on different socio-political, economic issues which were well received by students as well as taken by the leading National news papers and other T.V. Channels.
At the end of every session Philosophy Fest a cultural programme, managed by students of the Department, is organized every year in which the outstanding students are awarded the Professor Daya Krishna Philosophy Award.

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