From the Principal's Desk

I am greatly indebted to the Founder of Dev Samaj, Bhagwan Dev Atma, the guiding beacon of DSCW, who has been the steering force behind my relentless efforts. I congratulate my team who has shared my zeal to work to strive for the best. Words will always fall short for me to describe what I feel about the dedication and the commitment of each and every member of my team who work assiduously with me to take DSCW on the greater heights of scintillating success. At this moment when I look back I experience an immense sense of gratification, of harmony and solace that is overwhelming and humbling. As I experience the years flow before my eyes like a living reverie, I encounter satisfaction of having those things there, that when brought to recollection grant you a sense of pride - pride of having been an inseparable part of society, of having cultured it and nurtured it; pride of having been able to contribute, of having being able to serve; pride of having made a difference and having lived upto it; pride of having seen innumerable saplings flourish into strong rooted trees, seeing them grow each day nurtured with the sunshine of their knowledge and nourishment of ethics, of values. DSCW was the most wonderful thing that happened to me. It gave me something in life that I could continuously strive for, a goal that became the motto and motive of my life, a noble cause that I could ceaselessly strive for - Women Emancipation.

I have always felt that education for women is extremely important. Not only does it help them fetch a job, it helps groom them, culture them and shape them into independent, confident and self-reliant individuals. I am thankful to the Almighty for having given me the opportunity and for having granted me the will to sustain all adversity with a brave front. This journey would not have been possible without the unconditional support that has been rendered to me by the Shriman Nirmal Singh Ji, Chairman, DSCW and Secretary Dev Samaj; Panjab University Chandigarh and the matchless support of University Grant Commission. I wish that this caravan of the unity in diversity forever treads the path of success, each time setting a new parameter for itself, forever progressive in approach. It is my heartiest wish that every girl in this country be literate enough to understand her rights, to demand them and strive for them. I envision India as a country where woman is not weak, rather able, competent to sustain herself and why only herself, her family too. I dream of an India where women feel proud and rejoice over the fact that they are women, celebrate their identity and their being.

Dr.Madhu Prashar
National & State Awardee
Dev Samaj College for Women
Ferozepur City.
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