Scholarships, Stipends & Concessions

DSCW for the last two decades has been actively involved in fighting for the underprivileged sections of society, and believes in uplifting their status in society.

We strive to provide for equal education, equal work chance, equal opportunity, security and training in regards to the students belonging to minority and economically backward sections of society. We provide 100% fee concession, free books, free resident facility, free food etc.. Not only this the college goes a step beyond by providing them job opportunity and placements in their own college. It is on record that DSCW sets a lavish target of more than 35 lakh Rupees every year to promote the education of the financially handicapped and socially backward students. We do not intend to stop here but will in the years to come try to touch the crore mark in this service.

For this we as a community need to unite and contribute wholeheartedly for the noble cause. A Committee* has been constituted for the purpose and donations are welcome.

The following scholarships & stipends are available to the deserving students :-

1. The Government, University, Military, Govt. of India, Post Matric Scholarships to scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe, State Govt. Stipend to Backward Class.

2. Merit Scholarships and National Scholarships of Central & State Govt. for the poor and brilliant students.

3. Merit Scholarships for the children of Primary and Secondary School Teachers.

4. Stipends by the Government for grant of education facilities to the children of Political sufferers.

5. A few stipends to the needy and deserving students from Students Aid fund.

6. Stipends / Scholarships donated by Philanthropists.

7. Besides, a large number of fee concessions and stipends are awarded by the Principal to the poor and deserving students on the basis of merit in studies, sports and cultural activities.

8. The Darshi Paul Malik Charitable Trust has instituted Four Annual Academic Scholarships from the Academic Session 1994-95. These scholarships would be awarded to the bright, underprivileged students of the college to help them complete final two years of 10+2 system.

Note: All the students belonging to Scheduled Caste I Tribes and Backward Classes may get application forms for Government of India PostMatric Scholarships / State Govt. Stipend, from the college office on the date of admission and submit them duly completed within one week from the date of admission.

Information Regarding Fee Concession

1) The application for the concession and free ship for Scheduled Caste and Backward Class should be made on prescribed form at the time of admission. No such application shall be entertained later on.

2) The applicants for fee concession would be interviewed by a committee appointed by the Principal, Names of such students as are granted concession will be duly notified.

3) Fee concession / stipends / scholarships is liable to be withdrawn without a warning if a student deteriorates in studies, remains irregular or is found guilty of misconduct or misbehavior.

4) If a student enjoying concession / stipends / scholarship/ migrates or leaves the college before appearing in the University / Board Examination, she will be required to surrender the entire amount paid to her by way of concession by the college with retrospective effect.

Sister's concession application must be made on a separate prescribed form available in the college office. The sister studying in the lower class will be eligible for the concession.

*Note - The Committee welcomes donations/contributions for the cause of upliftment of society. It is not a compulsion but generous gestures towards the cause are welcome. We have opened this already established Committee contributed to by Dev Samaj Community, Principal, Staff and Faculty so that even more students can be benefited. For further details or contributions you are requested to contact the office of the Principal.

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