Dr. Madhu Prashar

Dr. Madhu Prashar, A Principal to reckon with (State and National Awardee)


On 12.06.1954 in Belgaum (earlier in Maharashtra now in Karnataka) a little girl came into this world, who was destined to create a history of sorts. She was christened as Madhu, although she was fondly called “Rano” by her parents and family members. As a child she was quite different from the children of her age group. As an infant prodigy, she possessed qualities of deep intelligence, sharp sensibilities, rationality, fearlessness and a sensitive heart filled with fondness for nature, music and adventure. Sooner she gained a lot of popularity among her female friends, due to her sharp wit and a puckish sense of humor.


Madhu the gifted child of nature inherited all these qualities from her dearest and valorous father Major Hari Gopal Mehta who was a spunky soldier of the Indian Army. He fought many wars from 1939 to 1946 against Germans, Italians, Japanese and was decorated with the Most Honest Person Award by the British Government. He also participated in J & K war in 1948 for which he was honoured by the then President Mr. V. V. Giri. He was strongly committed and deeply devoted to his duty which put a tremendous impact on the upbringing of his daughter. Her grandfather Sh. Amrit Lal was also an eminent freedom fighter who went to jails many times for the sake of his motherland. Her great great grandfather Sh. Sukhanand was the Governor of West Punjab in the kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The stories told and support given by her father encouraged her to step out of the four walls of domestic confinement which was absolutely unusual in those times. And building a self sustained career was the dream she began to nurture from her very tender age.