Dr. Madhu Prashar


She did her schooling from Jain Parwati High School, Jalandhar till her 10th class. As a student she was determined that not a single moment that had been brought by her parents’ labour should go unrewarded. She was extraordinarily bright student in her school days who would never miss even a single opportunity for participating in almost every activities, be it debate competitions, dramatics, music or art. She was very meticulous and thus organized all her activities very skillfully. She always fared well in studies. She was blessed with innate communicating power and endeared herself not only to her peers but also to all those who came into her close proximity.

Having completing her studies at school, she sought admission in H.M.V. College at Jalandhar. During her college days there was always a sense of urgency about her. She was almost always on the run, with never a moment wasted. Very rarely would she give herself the luxury of spending a few minutes with friends over a cup of Tea or ‘Samosa’.

How her daughter possessed the enormous urge to utilize her time, driving maximum benefit not only for herself but also for her friends in the neighborhood as well as in the college. If she had even half an hour of unaccounted time on her hands, she would either get down to painting or rush off to play electric guitar. College life was marked by a hectic period of hard work, discipline and regular studies. She was determined that one day she would do something for the upliftment and the cause of women education in the rural areas. What that was going to be was not very clear, but nothing did deter her from preparing herself for taking up the challenge which she had made her life vow.

According to her life which is lived for the sake of others is the best life. Therefore, she always wanted to do something outstanding and never did she compromise with anything ordinary “she never accepted stereotype of gender, as men for outdoors, women for households, tears and scolding; men for higher education and women for primary education, women as burden and men as proponents of the family lineage and legacy; women for sacrifice and men for adventure; men as providers and policy makers and women as acquirers of gold and jewelry.” Undoubtedly she possesses a prominent streak of independence and dogged determination to achieve her objectives, as a woman, despite leaving in the male dominated Indian society.

Ms. Madhu’s parent’s however, never looked upon their daughter in any orthodox way. They provided her freedom with higher opportunities of education, sports and various other activities so that she could lead her life as she wanted to. Madhu’s father gave her tremendous support and boundless love till his dying day (Jan. 5, 1975) she did her Masters in Philosophy from G.N.D.U. Amritsar in 1975 and her M. Phil (Philosophy) from the Panjab University, securing first position in the Universit , She was awarded Gold Medal for that. Her Ph.D thesis is in the final stages of submission.


The threshold in the life of Ms. Madhu was her appointment as a Lecturer in Philosophy in the year 1975 at S. D. College for Women, Jalandhar, one of the prestigious colleges of Punjab. She served that institution for almost 18 years with dedication and determination. Ms. Madhu gratefully recalls how the then Secretary Mr. Prem Chand Markanda, who was gem of a person, a selfless missionary, sagacious administrator noted Scholar, committed Administrator, a man of vision, true educationist supported her actions and encouraged her to take initiative for college progress. He acted as a Role Model for her so early in her career. If today S.D. College for Women, Jalandhar ranks among the noble edifices of the city Jalandhar, the credit goes to the unsparing efforts of Sh. Prem Chand Markanda. She feels that whatever she is at the present, and whatever contributions she has made during her career go back to him as a perennial source of inspiration.

Ms. Madhu has been the leading interior decorator of this state. However, her inclination towards the society, especially women education and her welfare, was so strong that she gave up her well established interior decoration business and concentrated on women education with her full heart and soul. Her ambition now was to uplift and get more & more women highly educated and stable. Her selfless service soon got her recognition in the whole of the state.