Dr. Madhu Prashar

Farewell Note (November 1992) from SD College, Jalandhar

Mrs. Madhu can never forget the warm unforgettable farewell given by Mrs. Sharda Cheema, the then Principal, the Management & the staff of S.D. College for Women, Jalandhar which is reproduced here:-


We have assembled here to bid you a hearty farewell on your elevation as Principal of Dev Samaj College for women, Ferozepur, which is known for excellent achievements in the field of education. You richly deserve this coveted post by virtue of your outstanding qualities of head ‘n’ heart. Your achievements in our institution deserve to be written in golden letters. It may not be out of place to mention that S. D. College for Women is known far and wide for surpassing almost all the women colleges in the state.

You have a big share in this marvelous progress made by this institution during a short span. Your commitment to the betterment of this infant institution is supreme. Your dedication to the college inspired and enabled you to reach the peaks of excellence in every field of college activities. Though earthly born, you posses heavenly qualities of head ‘n’ heart. Needless to say that you have been one of the most popular teachers in the college, as is evident from the growing number of students, session after session, opting for Philosophy taught by you so successfully, as one of their subjects. Many of the students topped in the university. During your stay at college, you worked tirelessly with the passion of a crusader.

In recognition of your consistently brilliant services to the college in academic & other activities the Management honoured you as an outstanding Lecturer in the year 1983 and also sanctioned leave with full pay to visit London for four weeks which speaks volume of your good relations with the Management.

The distinctions earned, and the positions held, by you as a faculty member are laudable indeed. You were a member of the Senate, G.N.D. University, besides being on the Boards of studies in Philosophy, History & Social Science. In the college itself you held various positions that further reflect your versatile mind. You remained NSS officer for eight years, in charge Central Associations, Staff Secretary, Teachers’ Representative on the College Management, Incharge College Mela, Incharge Creative Association, Incharge Gardening, Incharge beautification of the college, Incharge, Magazine section (photograph). All these achievements, it seems, have their genesis in your student career, where you have invariably been at the top, and which reached its zenith when you stood first in the University in your M.Phil.

Public relations has always been your forte. You excel in interacting with people. You are so amiable that anyone who comes within your magnetic field is won over for the rest of life. Your influence, it feels, is irresistible. To top them all, and underlying all your activities-shinning through them no less-is your aesthetic sense par excellence. lending to whatever field you are working in, an aura, a colour, a dimension, that charm that fascinate, sweeping one off one’s feet.

Your going, Madam, is going to be a big loss for S.D. College for Women. It is difficult to visualize this institution without your presence. The sense of loss and separation is over-whelming. There is only one consolation, though. That you are leaving for a better position, taking a leap that all of us aspire for, leave us with an altruistic feeling that our loss is their gain-theirs, who will bask in the warmth of your glow. Madam, your lasting contribution will always be remembered. Your alchemic touch will always remain enshrined in our hearts, inspiring and transforming us from within. Your name will be written in Golden Words in the history of S.D. College for Women. May Lord bless you with greater glories and may you progress, and move up, towards ever expanding horizons of success.

The college will gratefully remember you with all reverence and affection. We remain your most affectionate colleagues on the faculty of S.D. College for Women, Jalandhar.