Dr. Madhu Prashar


Every exit is an entry somewhere else

A turning point in Ms. Madhu’s chequered life came when Shriman Nirmal Singh Ji Dhillon, the then Chairman, Managing Committee Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozpur City selected Ms. Madhu as the best candidate for the post of the principal of this most prestigious institution of Ferozepur.

Her task was really daunting and challenging, but she was fully confident that the post of an Administrator would give her a chance to exhibit her qualities of taking up challenges and overcoming them to her satisfaction. She never felt tired and worked with the passion of a crusader. It is because of her restless efforts that the strength of the students has increased many folds today on the college rolls. She has changed the pattern of education of women significantly with cultural activities, & seminars in many ways. She has influenced the lives of many with her hard work and her love for students.

She helped the poor women from all over the country by giving them fee concessions, and in some cases, free education with all her heart and soul. She contributed greatly in the director of women education in India.

The college has over the last decade set on firm footing, the unsure foundation concertized, and the college came to shape as one of the most reputed institutions, acquiring steadily and painstakingly new directions and dimensions.

Fully endowed with the qualities of a seasoned Principal and displaying extraordinarily wholesome and integral approach to problems, she inspired and enthused the teachers to dedicate themselves to the building of the college on constructive lines. Herself a dedicated teacher, with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and scholarship, she would not brook mediocrity. She is acknowledged as a lady with compassion and goodwill for all. She always respects talent and scholarship. Teachers in the discharge of their job can unhesitatingly walk into her room and talk to her about the college affairs. On many occasions she consults such teachers, and value their opinion.

Ms. Madhu Prashar is always frank, informal and open which require moral strength and self confidence. She could never think of being secretive and her candid openness has won her huge respect. The teachers and the students hold her in great esteem. Ms. Madhu Prashar is a great administrator. The teacher in her has always been vigorously alive. In fact teaching is her first love. She possesses an analytical mind, and encourages her student to cultivate the power of thought and analysis. She wants them to be alert and not to accept things passively. She awakens in her students their dormant talent and set them on the road to successful completion of their studies.

By any standards, Principal Madhu Prashar is one of the busiest woman. Still she finds time to join the members of the college in their weal and woe. She is always ready to help any colleague who approaches her for help. She has often said that an ideal Principal is the one who is neither opinionated nor petulant, neither spiritless nor petty. No wonder, she is never tense. She never loses the presence of her mind whatever how adverse the situation may be. Inspite of the heavy work load she carries, she always looks fresh, an image of sound health, scattering such smiles and radiating such joy all around.

Any woman with her work so cast, and with her dedication to her work so complete, cannot find time ever to stand and stare on objects of Nature around. Much less can such a woman find time to wander in the distant meadows of woods. But she is an exception. Not only in providing the college with well laid artistic lawns, covered with carpets of lush green grass, surrounded on all side by flowers of variegated hues, but also in finding time to stroll in these lawns by herself under morning and evening stars and her heart filled with pleasure, if not in the fashion of a Wordsworth, at least in that of Coleridge who, imprisoned in his lime tree bower, reflects:….. “Henceforth I shall know that Nature never deserts the wise and pure: No plot so narrow but Nature be there.”

Even after taking over as a Principal, Ms. Madhu Prashar could not resist herself of playing electric guitar. She abandons herself to the enjoyment of its strains, letting them soothe her mind and spirit, tired with the strains and stresses of life. Like all of us she has had her share of these strains and stresses. And she would relax and feel refreshed & muse over life like a philosopher or a poet grown wise under an impulse from a vernal wood.

Ms. Madhu Prashar always prefers to swim against the stream, howsoever powerful may the opposing current be. In Ms. Madhu Prashar’s Mother’s view, she is a detached administrator. Once she realizes that a certain step is called for in the interest of the college, no sentimental consideration could prevent her from taking that step, however stern it might be. She can keep friendship and personal relationship aside and act in the spirit of detachment. It is her detachment which has made her shrewd judge of persons. This shows her total commitment to the cause of education. The tribute paid to her by the Management is the testimony to her outstanding achievements.

Ms. Madhu Prashar will certainly leave behind a name which will live eternally. Her work has already immortalized her in the college annals.

Ms. Madhu can never forget the unending support, encouragement, enthusiasm and cooperation provided by esteemed and Respected Shriman Nirmal Singh Ji Dhillon, Chairman Managing Committee, Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozpur City. Hon’ble Member Managing Council, Dev Samaj; and all the members of Managing Committee, Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozpur City; Dr. Bhuvan Chandel, Sr. Professor, Philosophy Department, Panjab University Chandigarh; Ms. Prashar is indebted to the college staff, administrative staff and supporting staff for their instant cooperation in smooth running of the college.

The self discipline, confidence and competitive spirit of her youth remain the same. She is impatient and inclined to buck the system, “It is tough to go against the wave, she says “but you reach where nobody else can.”