Dr. Madhu Prashar


It is her heartiest wish that every girl in this boarder area of Punjab should be empowered enough to understand her rights, to demand them and strive for them. She believes that women rights are human rights. She is totally committed to the cause of women empowerment. Therefore, she has set up a Women Anti-Harassment Cell to raise a voice against the domestic violence, sexual harassment, societal attitude towards women, rising crimes against women, female foeticide and insecurity of women. Thousands of women have been benefited as she has given voice to the women folk whose words often go unheard. She aspires to make this society a paradise for women, where there will be no violation of women rights, where no women will be set to fire, burnt to death, raped, aborted or sterilized, simply because they are born as girls. She envisions India as a country where woman is not weak, rather she is able and competent to sustain herself and why only herself, her family too. Dr. Prashar dreams of an India where women feel proud and rejoice in the fact that they are women and celebrate their identity.

Taking the legacy of her 26 years forward, a plethora of work for the empowering of the women of the nation has been done by Dr. Prashar with the accomplishments of many milestones for DSCW. Whereas in a city like Ferozepur only conventional courses are available in other educational institutes which have become completely absolute and have no relevance in the cutting edge technology driven global world, she has translated the Prime Minister’s dream into reality by realizing the fact that the country could achieve a higher level of progress and advancement only by making her education system more practical, pragmatic and, above all, by meeting the immediate demands of society and the industry as a whole. Realizing the need and importance of education, She has managed to establish a Deen Dayal Upadhya Kaushal Skilled Kendra spending five crore rupees, which has given a new direction to the future of the women and has fully empowered them. After completing these vocational courses they will not be confined to the domestic drudgery. Instead, they would work shoulder to shoulder with men and contribute in the process of nation building as the true stockholders who are in no way inferior to men. In fact, they have become more empowered with their educational skill based knowledge which is being imparted to them at DSCW in its skill study centre.

Though DSCW has savoured ceaseless success under her tenure as Principal, by becoming India’s No.1 College of India having the status of Potential for Excellence & College of Excellence. But Dr. Prashar is not a woman who rests on the laurels of yesterday. This gets validated from the fact that with the assiduous work of Dr. Madhu Prashar recently DSCW has been conferred with the DBT, Star College status from the Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. Inarguably, she always looks forward to the tryst with the golden hours of tomorrow, emulating the sun itself that starts on its upward journey across the skies, never looking back but climbing towards the zenith because she believes that the best is yet to come when DSCW will become the world class centre of excellence known for its quality education. Ulysses, the legendary Greek hero after the very dearly bought Trojan Victory, leaves for his longest odyssey. He tells his fellow beings – I have become a name; for always roaming with a hungry heart. Though Dr. Madhu Prashar’s name has become an icon in the field of education but like Ulysses she is never satisfied and always looks forward to the tryst with the golden hours of tomorrow, imitating the sun itself that starts on its upward journey across the skies, never looking back but ever climbing towards the zenith. Her dreams are the seedlings of reality.