Dr. Madhu Prashar


During his historical visit, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Science and Technology remarked about DSCW, “The country needs many more educational institutions like DSCW and many more spirited and missionary educationists like Dr. Madhu Prashar to bring back the lost glory of India”.

The Ex-Vice Chancellor Prof. Arun Grover during his visit to DSCW, remarked, “Panjab University is proud of a great woman of luminous intelligence and mighty intellect with a prodigious capacity of getting the rarest status of College of Excellence for the College under Panjab University” and expressed his deepest gratitude for her lifelong services in the field of women education. He declared DSCW as the “Role Model College of Panjab University”.

During her visit to DSCW Mrs. Menka Gandhi, Minister of Women & Child Development said “The greatest contribution Dr. Prashar has made in her life serves as a biggest example of a legacy of her work which runs till date in the form of DSCW which has become the most distinguished centre of learning in modern India”.

While conferring this prestigious award, the Chief Minister lavished his profoundest of plaudits on the recipient Dr. Prashar and said that “She is the harbinger of women education in India. He also exhorted all the academicians of India to emulate the working style of Dr. Madhu Prashar to raise the standards of education in India”.